9 scenarios for smart home.

1,114 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 02,2020

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With the concept of smart home gradually becoming routine, home smart devices are more and more accepted by people. However, it is not smart to understand the voice instructions. The real smart home should be linked to the setting of the scene through the smart device, which allows each smart home appliance to perform the task of the scene automatically without any sense and humanity.

Scene One

When you turn on the lights automatically, the old door can become smart.

Goal: Open the door at night, and the lights in the entrance or living room turn on automatically.

Option One:

Smart door lock + smart bulb

Linkage plan: The hallway lights are replaced with smart bulbs and linked with smart door locks. Set up smart linkage scenes-from 6pm to 6am the next day, you can turn on the lights automatically when you open the door.

Option Two:

Smart Socket + Gateway + Smart Door Sensor

Linkage solution: Put the door magnet on the non-smart door and set the smart linkage strategy-from 6 pm to 6 am the next day, when the door magnet detects that it is open, it will automatically open the socket for power.

Wireless door magnetic sensor.

Scene Two

When leaving home, the camera turns to different preset positions.

Goal: The camera will automatically turn to the window position when going out, and the camera will automatically turn to the door position when going home. Keep an eye on suspicious locations to ensure family safety. (Position can be modified at will)

Option One:

Smart camera + gateway + smart door sensor

Linkage plan: Set the camera preset position and set the smart linkage strategy-when the smart door sensor is turned off, the camera turns to preset position A; when the door sensor is turned on, the camera turns to preset position B.

Option Two:

Smart speaker + smart camera

Linkage plan: Set home and away mode, and associate camera presets with home and away mode. When going out, call the speaker “I’m going out / I’m back”, and the camera can turn to the corresponding preset position.

Scene Three

Someone in the room turns on the lights automatically

Goal: After sunset, if someone is at home, turn on the lights automatically.


Infrared sensor + gateway + smart socket

Linkage plan: After sunset, set a smart strategy-from 6 pm to 12 pm, the infrared sensor detects that someone is moving, and then turns on the lights connected to the smart socket. Can correspond to multiple room settings. (Be sure to set the latest effective time, such as 12 o’clock, so as not to turn on all lights after getting up at night.)

Scene Four

Early in the morning, the night light turns on automatically.

Goal: When you get up in the middle of the night, turn on the bathroom light automatically.

Option One:

Gateway + Infrared sensor

Linkage scheme: The sensor is installed under the bed or at the door, and the smart strategy is set. When the infrared sensor detects someone’s movement, the lighting mode of the gateway becomes night light, and the effective time is from 12pm to 6am.

Option Two:

Gateway + infrared sensor + smart bulb

Linkage plan: Replace the bulb of the bathroom ceiling light with a smart light bulb and set a smart strategy-when the infrared sensor detects someone moving, the smart light bulb turns on, the effective time is from 12 pm to 6 am, when the infrared alarm is removed, close the socket.

Scene Five

Drawer opens, camera automatically turns to record.

Objective: When opening the drawer for storing valuables, the camera will automatically turn to the drawer for recording.


Gateway + smart door sensor + smart camera

Linkage plan: Set the preset position of the smart camera, aim at the direction of the door sensor, and set the smart strategy-when the door sensor is turned on, the camera will turn to the preset position to ensure the safety of important home assets.

Scene Six

Someone in the room turned on the electric mosquito repellent automatically.

Goal: Automatically turn on the electric mosquito repellent when there is someone in the room in summer.


Gateway + infrared sensor + smart socket

Linkage scheme: Install the infrared sensor at the door and set a smart strategy-when the infrared detects someone passing by, it will automatically open.


Scene Seven

Automatically turn on the humidifier according to the humidity of the room.

Goal: The humidity in a room is plummeting in an air-conditioned room or when the heating is on. In order to keep the skin, throat, and lips dry, the humidifier can be turned on or off intelligently.


Smart humidifier + smart socket + environmental treasure

Linkage plan: Set smart strategy-When the humidity is lower than 45%, the smart socket controlling the humidifier will be turned on and the humidifier will start to work. When the humidity is higher than 55%, the smart socket controlling the humidifier is turned off to stop the humidifier. At the same time, you can also control the effective time of turning on the humidifier.

Scene Eight

Early in the morning, wake up naturally.

Purpose: In the early morning, the bedside lamp turns on automatically or the smart speaker automatically plays music, which naturally wakes the sleeping family.

Option One:

Smart bulb + gateway

Linkage plan: Set smart strategy-turn on the bedside lamp at 7 am regularly, let the smart light bulb simulate the natural light in the morning, from red to warm colors, and simulate the process of the sun rising in 15 minutes to achieve natural wake up in the morning.

Option Two:

Gateway + Smart Speaker

Linkage plan: In the evening and the speaker said “wake me up at XX the next morning”, when you wake up, there will be voice or music to wake up the family.

Scene Nine

The owner goes out and cleans automatically.

Goal: When the owner is not at home, the intelligent cleaning robot cleans automatically.


Intelligent cleaning robot + intelligent door sensor

Linkage plan: Set up an intelligent strategy-After the intelligent door sensor detects that the owner has left the house, it starts the cleaning robot to clean it.

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