315 Wireless Module Application

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Change infrared remote control for RF remote control

Infrared remote control has many advantages and is widely used. Almost everyone has more than two kinds of home appliances using infrared remote control, but the shortcomings of infrared remote control are also obvious: First, the infrared directivity requirement is high, and it is not penetrating. After being blocked by an object, it cannot be received, so it is limited in terms of the distance of the remote control; second, the infrared light is easily interfered by light, and it is not suitable for use outdoors where there is sunlight. For the above shortcomings of infrared, we can use wireless RF signals to solve. So is there a simple way to convert an existing infrared remote control device into a wireless RF remote control? In fact, the 315 wireless module can be used to quickly and easily modify the original electronic equipment, and the above requirements can be easily realized. The following is a basic practice procedure for the modified application using a wireless keyboard as an example.

Receiver module YET205B

First, replace the receiver. This step is very simple, as long as the 315 receiving module replaces the original receiving head. The squared wave signal output by the infrared receiving module and the wireless receiving module can be recognized by the processor in the device. Next, change the remote control circuit. In order to make the receiving module not consume current when it is static, a two-wire connection is also adopted. After completing the above two steps, you can control your device without any restrictions. After the wireless keyboard of my infrared remote control is changed, I don’t have to worry about where the receiver is placed. I am hiding in the bed to control my computer.

315 wireless module summary and precautions

1. When the transmitting and receiving modules are connected to the antenna, it is best to use a wire 25 cm long, which is best erected when transporting over long distances.

2. Transmitting module working voltage: DC 3~12V; receiving module working voltage: DC5V, output mode: TTL level.

3。 TTL level signals are used most because the usual data representation uses binary specification, +5V is equivalent to logic “1”, 0V is equivalent to logic “0”, which is called TTL (transistor-transistor logic level )signal system.

4. The encoded signal sent by the encoding chip PT2262 consists of: address code, data code, and synchronization code to form a complete codeword. After the decoder chip PT2272 receives the signal, the address code is compared and verified twice, and the VT pin outputs a high level.

5. PT2262/2272 can have up to 12 (A0-A11) tri-state address pin (floating, connected to high level, connected to low level), any combination can provide 531,441 kinds of address code, PT2262/2272 can have up to 6-bit (D0-D5) data port pin, only the address code of the transmitter PT2262 and the receiver PT2272 are identical,and can be paired.

6. Both the address code and the data code are represented by pulses of different widths.Two narrow pulses indicate “0”;two wide pulses indicate “1”;one narrow pulse and one wide pulse indicate “F” is the address code. “Hanging”.

7. The oscillating resistor must also match, otherwise the receiving distance will become close or even unacceptable.

8. PT2272 decoder chip has different suffixes, indicating different functions, there are L4/M4/L6/M6.

The minute, where L is the latched output, the data can be maintained at the corresponding level state as long as it is successfully received, until the next time the remote control data changes. M indicates a non-latching output. The level of the data pin output is instantaneous and corresponds to whether the transmitter emits or not. It can be used for jog-like control. The suffixes 6 and 4 indicate that there are several parallel control channels. When using 4 channels of parallel data (PT2272-M4), the corresponding address code should be 8 bits. If 6 channels of parallel data are used (PT2272-M6), the corresponding address code should be 6 bits.

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